Here are even more reviews, since you asked...
  • ZDNet UK's Wendy M Grossman wrote Probably the best chapter is the one on what not to do in an investigation. Branigan follows the progress of a real investigation that turned into a mess, discussing the decision points and the consequences of such common mistakes as impatience, poor communication and poor team management.
  • wrote Another recounting of information security incidents and cases, this book is better written than most. The best news is that this book doesn't just tell the stories, it also explains the lessons that can be learned and gives an understanding of the underlying infosec principles. The concepts presented are real world crimes ranging from identity theft to hacking banks. Overall I would recommend it to managers and others who are interested in learning 'why this security thing is so important.' "
  • Richard Bejtlich gave it 4 stars on Amazon and closed his review as follows... Overall I recommend reading HTCR. Branigan literally has a front-row seat on several fascinating security incidents. Few people have accompanied police when seizing evidence or performed hands-on analysis of live systems as related by HTCR. Readers with an interest in telco security will particularly enjoy Branigan's tales, and I appreciated his use of FreeBSD as a forensic platform.