The effects of war on the yugoslavian network.
- steven branigan & bill cheswick

Starting at the end of March, we checked our view of the yugoslavian network daily. A chart of the number of routers that we found shows that the network was pretty stable until about May 3, 1999. We infer the availability of the network from the number of routers available. Notice that after May 3rd, network availability became very unstable.

Below are some single day network map "snapshots" for the period from May 1st until May 10. As you can see from the maps, a fair amount of the yugoslavian network disappears and subsequently reappears on a daily basis. One theory is that power may have been lost to some of the major routers, which caused much of the yugoslavian network to become unreachable.

The maps...

May 1.

May 2.

May 3.

May 4.

May 5.

May 6.

May 7.

May 8.

May 9.

May 10.

and finally, a short mpeg detailing the changes during the period from March 27 until July 8, 1999.