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Dedicated to my brother, Terence J. "Moose" Branigan.

I am the founder and president of CyanLine, a wireless network products company. I am also an Adjunct Professor at Brookdale Community College. I am the author of High Tech Crimes Revealed and I continue to research and present on various computer security challenges. Please check out my web stats link, when I track the top domains hits and the top attacker to this site.

I helped to start Lumeta Corporation in 2000 with Bill Cheswick and Hal Burch. And, prior to that I worked in the computer and network security field for Bellcore, now known as Telcordia and later for Bell Labs Computing Science Research Over the years I have been asked to speak to various audiences about evolving trends in cyber crimes, such as attacks on critical infrastructure systems, identity theft, and even wireless network security issues. infrastructure components.
Here are some articles and presentations that I authored and/or find very interesting on the topics of computer security.

Disability solutions

My brother had Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disorder that causes the body to breakdown muscle tissue. As a result, he gradually became weaker and needed a respirator to breathe by the time he was 23 years old, as the lung muscles were too weak to operate on their own. This is a gender- linked genetic disorder, meaning that male children have a 50% chance of getting the disease when their mother is a carrier of the disease. Usually, the mother is a carrier and does not even know, since she has no ill effects.

This disease only affects the body, not the mind. Fortunately, we live in a time where technology has provided us with powerful tools that helped him enjoy life. If you are interested in finding out some more about how we used the computer to help him listen to music, change TV channels, surf the 'net, use email and messenging, check out the link below:
  • Computer set-up