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Network & Security links

Some of my work

  • My presentations over the years.
  • Evaluation of the effects of war on a selected section of the Internet.
  • My papers on the topic.
  • network security tips

    Other good links

  • My collection of high tech forensic links.
  • US Department of Justice Cybercrime site has a wealth of information on cyber crime cases, laws, and other issues.
  • Geo-location information based upon Zip-Code, Phone number or IP address
  • Steve Gibson's Shield's Up service. A collection of tools that uncovers information about IP addresses on the Internet

    Network Registry links

    All communications on the Internet have a source and destination address, this much is obvious. But, there it easy to spoof (or falsify) the source address of network traffic, making it easy for an hacker to hide while attacking a target.

    Spoofing doesn't always work, because a hacker can't have a conversation with a victim system using spoofed packets. At some point, the hacker will need to use a legitimate IP addresss. Then, we can use network registry and ownership authorities to determine the who behind an IP address.

  • Information on how addresses are allocated.